Information technology and the Internet are increasingly present because the technology allows us to access it wherever we are. Today, more than half of all Internet users are actually mobile users. They connect to the Internet using their mobile phones. This fact reflects the excitement of mobile technology and applications and explains why mobile traffic has been higher than PC traffic for several years.

This change in behaviour highlights the importance of mobile technology, and many companies are entering the application industry to boost their Internet presence.

We localize

your application

Translating your application software is one thing, but it is crucial to go through the localization process in order to give your app every chance. In an industry as competitive as mobile applications, it is essential to adapt your technology and support to the target language, as well as to the local culture and regulations.


For you, we manage all of the translation steps for your application. From project management to delivery in exploitable format, we take care of the re-transcription so that your application fully integrates the target country, as well as the linguistic and cultural context. Our specialized translators convert concepts so they are understood by your target market.

Making applications accessible

Our agency specializes in the translation of IT tools and solutions. We know the industry, and the ins and outs that can affect your final requirements. Our role is to offer you a result that meets your needs. To achieve that aim, our translators specialize in specific fields and languages. That rigour in our work ensures your application fully complies with the requirements of the market you are targeting.

Give your application its full potential: take it global.


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