JLV traductions : the right word to be understood

Located in Normandy, France, only one hour away from Paris, JLVTRADUCTIONS translates all types of documents with our team of in-house translators and network of specialized partners who all translate into their mother tongue.

We know how to adapt our services to the needs of each customer, be they multinational majors, small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies, notaries, law firms, partner translation agencies or individual clients. Our long-standing experience and responsiveness make JLVTRADUCTIONS the preferred partner of clients, many of whom have trusted us with their documents for more than ten years. We translate in a wide variety of fields.

Whether the lead-time is normal or urgent we also handle official documents that require certified translation, taken care of by our sworn translators. Backed by our ISO 9001 certification, we apply stringent quality management procedures to ensure the support we provide is both effective and compliant with each customer’s expectations.

JLVTRADUCTIONS is equally skilled in the management of multilingual projects, whatever the volume. Thanks to our vast network of translators, built up over more than 30 years, JLVTRADUCTIONS can always provide the ideal solution to your translation or interpretation requirements by choosing the most suitable linguist.

For further information, please contact us via our website: jlvtraductions.com or by email at the following address: jlv@jlvtraductions.com

Thank you for your attention.