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Make your business international

 Translation does not always involve texts. Sometimes spoken words are much more meaningful. For your professional meetings, conferences, forums or exchanges by videoconference, interpretation is the ideal solution. These are all situations in which counting on an interpreter is essential to facilitate discussions, make a good impression and even an impact.
 Our teams of interpreters keep as close a track of your discussions as possible and provide you with a genuine interpretation service. When it comes to participating and expressing yourself in a discussion involving speakers of different languages, apprehension should be the least of your worries. Being properly understood is the basis for any useful exchange to bring your projects to fruition.

Talking to the world and being understood in your mother tongu is not a dream, it’s a service JLVTRADUCTIONS provides.

We can be by your side whenever you have cosmopolitan discussions to make them worthwhile and decisive for your business. JLV’s team of interpreters is specialized. Each member has a specific area of expertise which they understand and know perfectly well. It is this multiplicity that allows us to offer you a service that matches your needs.
 And, because there is not just one way to interpret, we provide specific support for each type of occasion. In so doing, we keep close to your needs and use the most appropriate interpreter.

So that the overall meeting is not confused.

Simultaneous interpretation:
To accompany all your business events. From press conferences to congresses, including forums and seminars. Our interpreters are able to follow and translate your discussions seamlessly as and when they occur to maintain fluidity, consistency and meet your scheduling objectives.

Consecutive interpretation:
This method of interpretation is more suitable for longer discussions. The interpreter takes notes throughout the discussions to give you accurate feedback. This means no essential information is missed.

Liaison interpretation:
For this type of interpretation, the linguist is in contact with all the participants. S/he acts as an interface so that all the participants can understand each other during discussions in small workgroups.

 The JLVTRADUCTIONS team also provides the equipment required for an interpretation service that meets your needs. From microphones to booths, we advise you on the most suitable equipment to make the service a genuine springboard for your business.



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"With more than thirty years' experience in translation, I devote myself full-time to this activity and this passion according to the rules of the art by translating all the documents that fall within the scope of my areas of expertise and skills acquired during my studies at the Higher Institute of Translation and Interpretation in Paris, developed and enriched during my long professional career”


JLVTRADUCTIONS is a translation and interpreting company composed of multilingual translators and project managers, located in Normandy. It provides official translations for courts and public bodies.


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