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A new perspective on translation

Translating a document means – to put it shortly – establishing a bridge between one language and another. In some cases, this literary work is only the first step in producing versions of documents. To provide a result fully in line with the target linguistic culture requires localization.

Specific features such as linguistic habits or idiomatic expressions must be taken into account. Without them, it is impossible to create a version fully understandable to the readers of the target languages.

By localizing your documents, you break down language barriers and overcome borders.

Each speaker has their own linguistic practices and customs. These are all cultural issues that result in language routines. These facets and features must be found in the translated documents. In this way, every reader will understand your texts and, when we have finished, the translations will be consistent.

 So that the language habits used in your documents correspond with those of your readers, the JLVTRADUCTIONS team keeps close contact with its international network of translators. In this way, we can combine translation techniques with in-depth knowledge. We always keep up to date with the rules and standards in force and the more ephemeral facets of language modes to ensure the translation is the most suitable.

Take your business worldwide

 Issues such as the means of payment, the nature of the documents or their scope can vary from country to country. Because they understand them, our team members are able to include these nuances and readjust the source document so that the translation is meticulously correct. Using this approach we localize your documents so that they are as close as possible to the expectations of your international customers.

By integrating the specific characteristics and the idiomatic expressions present in each country and common to your contacts, we take into account their expectations. The result is no longer a translation or a version that you provide, but genuine business resources. They not only comply with the legal environment of the target country, but also with the habits of your readers.

 To go further, in accordance with our business philosophy, our localization services include complete follow-up. Our translator-localizers can assist and advise you in your deployment on the target market.



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"With more than thirty years' experience in translation, I devote myself full-time to this activity and this passion according to the rules of the art by translating all the documents that fall within the scope of my areas of expertise and skills acquired during my studies at the Higher Institute of Translation and Interpretation in Paris, developed and enriched during my long professional career”


JLVTRADUCTIONS is a translation and interpreting company composed of multilingual translators and project managers, located in Normandy. It provides official translations for courts and public bodies.


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