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Make your business international

Multilingual translation makes it possible to respond to the rise of the Internet and the availability of numerous sources of information. It is crucial today to have a website in multiple languages. It must be accessible in those related to your industry in order to present your business to your foreign prospects and potential customers.
 If today, 9 out of 10 Internet users prefer to consult information or a website in their mother tongue, it is because the information is naturally easier to understand.

Present your company in other languages to make your business international.

As soon as a company is present on the Internet, the language in which the information is presented plays an important, even essential role. Only with words can you convey your ideas, demonstrate your expertise and illustrate the range of your skills. By doing that in only one language, you shut out foreign contacts and customers.
With versions available in other languages, you allow your company to be present on other markets. You have to integrate the specifics of other native speakers and idioms so that your potential customers do not know they are on a website that has been translated By taking these features into account, you create the illusion and you reinforce the confidence of your visitors from all walks of life.

Quality content to convey trust

If you want your site to be multilingual, it is essential you use professional translators. We keep as close as possible to your needs and translate your website and all of its pages into whatever language you want.
 The translations of your site play an essential role in your business which should not remain unseen. They are the ones that affect your potential customers first. By being accurate, they build trust in your business. This is why we work alongside you to give real added value to your versions and establish a climate of trust.
 And because the translation of your website is only one aspect to take into account in order to access the international marketplace, we also focus on ensuring terminological consistency. For each project, we make translation memories and glossaries which make it possible to constitute a knowledge base that can be used for future discussions.



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"With more than thirty years' experience in translation, I devote myself full-time to this activity and this passion according to the rules of the art by translating all the documents that fall within the scope of my areas of expertise and skills acquired during my studies at the Higher Institute of Translation and Interpretation in Paris, developed and enriched during my long professional career”


JLVTRADUCTIONS is a translation and interpreting company composed of multilingual translators and project managers, located in Normandy. It provides official translations for courts and public bodies.


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