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Reportage traduction & Interprétation



Certified Translation: A User Guide

Certified Translation: A User Guide


What is a sworn translator?

Swearing in or being « sworn in » is the common term for persons with expert status with the Court of Appeal or the Court of Cassation, in the case of France. An expert of this kind is an occasional contributor to public services (State, local authorities, judicial authorities, police, courts of audit, private organizations in charge of a public service, etc.).

According to the established list, a priori expert status can be conferred on Continuer la lecture

Jeux Olympiques de Rio.

The French language at the Olympic Games.

The French language at the Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games are over, but did you notice the place given to the French language during them?


According to the Olympic charter, French is, with English, the official language of the Olympics.

Better yet, French is the first language of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the governing body of the Olympic Games. The reason? Continuer la lecture